Critical Supplies Needed for IDF Reservists On Northern Border

October 7th, the Day that Changed Everything

Our brother, Daniel, is an amazing brother, son, husband, and father. He is also an IDF soldier who trained in an elite combat unit, and is now serving as an IDF reservist guarding the Northern border between Israel and Lebanon. He and his platoon are tasked with using special automatic grenade launchers, heavy machine gun fire, and other means to engage with overwhelming firing power. There is only one platoon like Dan’s in each battalion of soldiers. 

These brave men have been on duty since the terror unleashed on Israel on October 7th. Our family asks you to join us to help Dan and his fellow soldiers buy critically needed supplies. They can use monetary support to buy tactical helmets, tactical boots, and pouches for machine gun drums to protect themselves and their ability to do their duties in protecting the border. (Prior donations allowed them to buy tactical vests which they are putting into use).  

Please consider donating to help Dan and the men in his platoon. All funds will be used directly to buy tactical helmets and boots, and pouches for machine gun drums.

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Critical Supplies Needed:

Tactical Helmets / Boots / Machine Gun Pouches
Goal Status 35%

Thank You For Your Support!

This is an unprecedented time for Israelis and Jews worldwide. We are grandchildren of Holocaust survivors and once again brave men like Dan and his platoon are fighting for the freedom and safety we hold most dear. Your donation is important in providing this elite combat team of IDF soldiers, on the front line protecting the Northern border, with critical protective gear and equipment that may save their lives. Please donate today.

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