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Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to the most common questions

Absolutely, if you have already found your own theme and have purchased it or would like for us to obtain the license or if you need to change your current hosting provider, we can install and host your WordPress or other sites to our servers.  Simply contact us today to get started. 

Yes, Risccon has been designing and developing websites for over 15 years, we have a dedicated team of designers, developers and web professionals that can identify the right solution for your business or need. 

We also believe in not recreating what is already successful, this helps to keep your costs to a minimum when custom designing and we pass these savings onto you.  If you have a custom project, please contact us today to discuss.

Yes, we offer monthly and annual maintenance packages for your website or other services.  This allows you to have confidence your sites is always up to date with the latest releases, secured by the latest patches installed and backed up routinely to ensure if any catastrophic issues occur, your site and data will be secure.  

Absolutely, Yes!  The most important part of websites today is making a connection to your customers and driving revenue.  We can install various different payment options and systems, we discuss with you the ones that benefit your business the most.  Depending if you’re a service or retail business, there may be specific integrations that are designed for your site.  

We also make sure that you are 100% secure and protected, by install SSL certificates on your domain, this allows both you and your customer to transact safely. 

Video obtains more views and interactions than stock or static images which is why they are great for getting more views to your business and site.

We can create Testimonial Videos using our talent and models, we can edit and add visual graphics and overlays tor your video or we can create a fully custom video from scratch where we design a script, obtain talent and then shoot on our location.  

Depending on your budget, a professional video starts out for just a few hundred dollars and custom videos can be several thousands of dollars. 

Check out our Youtube page for some examples.

We install highly testing applications and integrate them within your website.  These Customer Support Systems allow your business website to be more dynamic. 

Customer can login to a portal and submit cases and tickets to your business for review.  Your employees can have different levels of access and can quickly review and respond to customer inquiries.  

All the data is saved within the websites database allowing you the business owner to better manage and run your business, identify patterns in tickets and potential areas for improvement.  Need a demo, contact us today to schedule one. 

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No worries, we know when it comes to building a business, dynamic websites, revenue generating applications and more there are always a ton of questions. 

Contact us today by submitting a ticket, it allows us to identify which questions are most highly asked and then we can add them here to the FAQs in the future.