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AchievMo Technologies
Coin & Medallion Program

AchievMo Technologies has been designing and manufacturing these incredible Awareness, Commemorative & Fundraising Coins for years.  We have worked with law enforcement, fire fighters, fortune 500 companies, small businesses, non-profits and more to provide exceptional handcrafted coins with significant meaning and value that provide awareness, promotional marketing and revenue streams. 

We have developed a unique program to extend these incredible, momentous coins to signify and celebrate the accomplishments of employees, students, athletes, events and individual programs who want to have an affordable yet valuable memorabilia item. 


Our School program makes it easy and affordable to design and create signature coins for the school year.  Include the year, multiple colors, mascot, events and more in the coin.  Let your staff and class get involved and design the coin.


Signature Corporate Coins are versatile and have many uses, employee gifts or recognition, promotional giveaways for clients and customers or a sales tool.  These are affordable, have low minimum orders and can be designed for nearly any need.


Local Recreational leagues can benefit greatly from Signature Coins.  The are great for fundraising, have profitable returns, easily customized for any sport, league or activity.  Low minimum orders, free designs, make these a great fit.


Awareness Coins for non-profits are a perfect fit.  They have the ability to showcase your mission, make a statement, collectible year after year and generate maximum donations with minimal investment.  Contact Us Today to discuss how we can help.

Why Signature Coins?

  • Valued Item that is kept for years 
  • Easy to display in a variety of ways
  • High Quality Appearance
  • Extreme level of detail and texture
  • Filled with color enamels 
  • Various sizes from 1 inch to 3.5 inches or more
  • Double sided designs to fit a variety of needs
  •  Low minimum order quantities
  • Affordable per coin pricing
  • Collectible and Addictive, everyone wants one!
  • Great for Fundraising…Very Profitable!

Signature Coins Are Great For Fundraising!

Commemorative Coin?

For less than a one month streaming service, your child, the parents, grandparents, Aunts, Uncles and more can all participate and get a unique coin designed by the school for students to commemorate the year they had. 

Best part, every year they can get one and collect them throughout the years.  Easy to display, limitless design opportunities for the school and extremely affordable, including everyone who wants one.


Class Rings?
Signature Commemorative Coins

Class Rings?

The average High School class ring comes in at a whopping $300 – $600 dollars or more.  It is just not feasible that everyone student or family can afford such an expensive ring… And it’s definitely not affordable to buy more than one to give to your family who helped your through 12 years of schooling. 

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